Virginie Linder
Blissipline Coach

Tame your stress, it's your turn to roar.

How many of us let stress be the captain of our lives? It is the master of our thoughts, it dictates our actions. Unconsciously we surrender to this entity that makes whatever it wants of us while it brandishes its whip in front of our eyes and we obey to it without batting an eyelid. Back to the time when we were cave men and women, when we were hunters, this stress was a blessing for our survival. Without it, we would not have been able to face the dangers we had to face. Real death dangers. Today when facing a threat, our body reacts and saves us. And that's a good thing.

Stress per se is not to be eradicated and it cannot be. Yet we have to learn how to tame it. Because this animal, strong and powerful, has a tendency to inhabit us on a permanent basis, and its non legitimate occupancy leads to bad stress and its plethora of pains. Insomnia, migraines, fatigue, cardiovascular diseases, bad food habits... The list is endless.

Stress makes it a naughty habit to take all the space and with it we become smaller and smaller and we cannot dare to rebel against it. We are controled by it. And this has a price and its cost is very high. We forget who we are, we are stuck in this bad-being, lost and locked in our cage. We forget we have a voice, that we can roar and that we can say it has to stop.

Sometimes all we need is an encounter to want some change. The change of internal revolution. A desire stronger than fear can do that. Because we are wild animals. We know how to roar. We are warriors.

We are warriors born to show our light to the world and to share it and roar so that the ground shakes and the sky hears us.

The encounter that changes everything is the encounter with yourself. Your true self. Your vital force. The reason why you are on Earth.

And it is unique, just like you. It's waiting for you.

In taming your stress, you will reconnect to this vital force. And you will enable it to express itself.

And roar.

If you feel like beginning this journey, let's meet for coaching.

First session of coaching is free.

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